Bad picture on beeb 1 & 2


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Since yesterday the picture on bbc1 & 2 has started to break up and become blocky. Tonight it is unwatchable. No other channels seem to be affected. It reminds me of the time I had ondigital, shudder.

Anyone else got this problem?


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What about all the other BBC channels including the BBC regional variations?

Are you a SKY subscriber or just using a FTV card or even FTA, just interested in case there are other channels with problems that you do not watch.


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The regional variations are a mixed bag. Some are fine and others are as bad as bbc1 on 101. The bbc2 channels are also varied. They seem to be clumping together into bad and good groups of channels. bbc 3 & bbc4 are also affected with the blockiness. None of the other non bbc channels have the same blockiness problem. I have tried all of them from 101 - 200 ish and a few others so I think it must just be a problem on the bbc channels.

I'm a subscriber with a proper card.


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Well that would seem to indicate a transponder problem but if it was a transponder problem then everyone watching the BBC channels would be in some way affected and they are not:)

So it'll be a problem with your hardware.
If there was a problem with the tuner and LNB not being able to select the right polarity or band then you would not be getting any signal on the faulty channels and since you are then there must be another problem.
It sounds simply like there is not enough signal there to generate a stable picture which could be caused by a damaged cable or LNB when trying to access the frequencies used by the affected channels. If possible try your digibox on someone elses dish, if it works then there is a problem with the cable/lnb and if it doesn't then the fault could rest in the digibox tuner.

Always worth checking the LNB input connection on the back of the digibox to make sure it's a nice/neat and snug fit.

Not very definitive suggestions but there is so much that can go wrong with a satellite system:(


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I had an issue where I lost BBC1 Yorkshire (my 101 channel) but BBC1 London (943?) was OK. It turned out water had got in the LNB and was only effecting channels at the very top/bottom of the frequency range. Replacing the LNB fixed it.


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So it'll be a problem with your hardware.

It sounds simply like there is not enough signal there to generate a stable picture which could be caused by a damaged cable or LNB when trying to access the frequencies used by the affected channels.
The latter sounds like a possibility. The signal quality varies on the dodgy channels but stays static on the ok channels. I have fiddled with the connections and if I waggle it then it makes it worse. The fitters were also monkeys (they drilled through a phone cable and were completely flummoxed by an adsl faceplate, even after I gave the guy the wiring diagram for it! )

Looks like I'm going to have to cough up £65 or hope that sky does a cheap sky+ promo soon :(


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I'm getting a lot of freezing on bbc1...all other bbc channels seem fine.
The sound is ok, but picture freeze's for around 2 seconds.
Been going on for the last couple of weeks.

Is this what you are getting......??
Although it is not blocky, it just freeze's, like someone has pressed the pause button.

I'm useing a V2 sky+ box.


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I couldn't find the model of the pace box, sorry. It's not on the front or back.

I was getting blockiness and ghosting and general picture break up. The sound would break up too. Tonight it has stopped doing it and the only thing I have done was to switch off the mains briefly and remove an isotek filter and put everything back on my normal cheapo 6 gang surge protected extension lead. Hmmm. I have been using the filter for a couple of weeks so why it would make a difference just for this last week I have no idea.


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Teabelly - the model number will be on a sticker underneath. :mad:

BSkyB.... Probably a 2500. If it is, odds on it's the tuner causing your problems. It will deteriorate gradually until you lose the lot causing 'no satellite signal is being received'. It's not an expensive job to fix.

The signal fluctuations you are experiencing are nothing to worry about if they aren't causing a problem.

Chris - Only on BBC1? No other channel? what are your recordings like? Do they do the same? Try recording two channels simultaneously and play them back - does it do it then?


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Seeing the same as Chris.
Only happens on BBC1 (South East) no other channels display the same problem.

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