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I have tolerated a high pitched feedback whistle on my home cinema setup for too long, but now have a puppy!

My Philips 28" widescreen is connected to my Philips DVD (LX8000SA) via TV audio output phono leads and a SCART on EXT2.

If I cycle between EXT1 (freeview) to EXT2 I get a high pitched scream which is only stopped by pressing a DVD function, or continuing cycling to another source.

I presume that sound is being sent back to the tv via the scart which is setting up some sort of loop

If I remove the phonos, the feedback is gone BUT... cannot listen to freeview through 5.1 surround.

An engineer (within warranty) changed the dvd connection from scart to composite video (?) into a tv scart adapter but the picture was substantially degraded which led me to switch back and tolerate burst ear drums.

Is there a cabling config, or cabling components which will prevent this nasty feedback?
:lease: Please help!!!


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So, you've connected the SCART output and 2 phono output on your DVD player to the SCART input and audio input on your tv ? The SCART already sends audio through that connection.

How have you got the freeview connected and to where ? Has the tv got an integrated digital tuner ?



Cheers Rich

The setup was screaming b4 the freeview went on, so that's eliminated.

The phonos are connected TV L&R OUT to DVD IN
The scart is connected TV EXT2 to DVD (not sure about direct or bidirection)

Yes the TV has a tuner, although I dont think that it is digital

I previously had a normal aspect Philips TV connected to the DVD with no problem. That telly did not have a tuner


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Can you not connect the Freeview box's audio cable directly into the back of the DVD Surround instead of taking it from the TV ?

Which TV have you got ?

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