Bad experience with Sound & Vision Bolton.



* I visited their website last Friday (18/08/06) which informed me that the Topfield TF5800PVR-B was in stock.
* I then phoned their shop/office and was told that was indeed the case and that I would receive delivery the following Tuesday (22/08/06)
* On Tuesday (22/8) I called their shop again and was told that in fact the item was not in stock and was to be delivered to their shop the following day (Weds 23/08) and that I would receive delivery by Friday 25/08/06.
* On Thursday (24/08) I called to find out if this was the case and was told that the item was still not in stock. I then cancelled the order.

I will be making an official complaint to trading standards regarding this matter.



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I remember dealing with these sharks many years ago. I ordered a Tannoy centre speaker to match my (then) speaker system. I spent days chasing them after many no-shows. When I finally got through I got a lame excuse about no stock anymore (end of line), couldn't contact me, etc., etc. However they still helped themselves to a chunk of money from my credit card.

After several weeks of trying to get a refund from them I had to get my credit card company involved to get the money back.

Use at your peril - expect grief.


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I think most people only use sound and vision as a price match for John Lewis - I know I did for my TV - ? if they still match them these days - I think it can vary between stores.


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Strange, never dealt with them "mail order" but as traditional AV shop they have been great. They are happy to spend time faffing about with different setups for you, will haggle \ throw in freebies, and don't look down their nose if you don't have thousands to spend.

Just my 2p.


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As I have posted on another thread I bought a Toppy from them on Monday. No problem at all. I have been in there shop twice before looking at projectors, spent a bit of time asking questions and having a look at what they had. I didn't buy anything on those occasions, not a problem they let me go to mull it over. Bought the toppy this time though, I had my mind made up and just walked in and asked for one. I was home in half an hour setting it up.
I will be going round to view the next generation of LCD projrctors when they come out in a month or two. Competative prices too.



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I would never deal with Sound & Vision again, or their other shop digitaldirect. They took payment from me for a TV last year, rang to confirm a delivery date and then simply failed to show. I had stopped in all day waiting for them, and I wasn't happy. :mad:

I subsequently found out that the TV was never in stock and I should have been called to cancel. Despite a number of promises of stock arriving, it became obvious that they couldn't supply the TV and I cancelled the order - I then had to contact them several times to get them to refund my money. In all, they had my money for over a month.

They're probably OK if the stuff is actually in stock - but then again, their sales team confirmed that the TV I ordered was 'in stock'...

I then went to empire direct, which is another story!;)


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There does seem to be a common theme here, in shop operation \ staff good, mail order \ warehouse direct to home bad....


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I would not p**s on them if they were on fire...I bought a Pioneer 436 Fde from them in May as they then dropped the price they agreed a £50.00 refund to my visa card.
It is now nearly October nad no refund despite chasing and wasting time and money on numerous calls....
Have now put the matter in the hands of Visa something I should have done a lot sooner...
I would never buy from them again and would go elsewhere and pay more...
As the old saying goes "pay cheap pay dear!"


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I had read comments about their service but on Tuesday went ahead and ordered online a Topfield 5800. Later that day I received a phone call stating that they would have some in stock on Wednesday and they would contact me again to arrange delivery. They called on Wednesday and a delivery day of friday was arranged. The Topfield 5800 was delivered at 0930 Friday morning.


Harry Botter

I have bought nearly every single AV item I have from them and many others I have long since sold on due to upgrade-itis. Always the cheapest and always have stock. Admittedly I have always collected in person from their warehouse (its like Fort Knox!) as I'm only an hours drive away. I have recommended them to freinds and family for TV's and such like and have never, ever had a problem with their service. Just my two penneth.


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My experience is exactly the same as Harry Botter's. I have used S & V successfully over many years, since they operated out of a tiny shop further up the road from the present location. I haven't tried their mail order but I would not buy large expensive electronics goods by mail order anyway, I experienced that once with DABS and swore never to again.


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A couple of years ago I sent my Inlaws to S&V to buy an LG screen - but S&V pesuaded them into a different manufacturers screen - which is OK - but I dont like it

Anyway - point of the story is that I have been trying to buy a Sony 32" V4000 from them now for months - and every time I ring them - its the same answer -....none in stock but loads comming in tommorow.......later week..... whenever........

So I asked to order one, yes but have to pay a sizeable depsit - with no actual date for delivery, so I declined.

After a phone call to them today they now tell me that Sony no longer offer a 32, 37, or 40 inch LCD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What a lot of clap trap !!!!!!!!!!! So a quick peep on here - some very usefull advice and Im just off to collect my new Sony 32 V4000 from John Lewis with its 5 yr guarantee for 30 quid less than S&V have been quoting for all this time

Angry - Yes - I always prefer to use local busiensses - but when they feed you lies and lies - then you just have to give up ! I dont know whats wrong down there but they attitude of the sales staff is awfull - they are so abraisive !!
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