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Can anyone suggest a piece of software that might be able to do the following.

I have a pc that is being used & I want to back it all up & move everything to a laptop.

Both the pc & the laptop are running Windows ME. Once I have copied everthing from the pc the pc will be redundant.

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Hi Zap:

Not sure if that's really possible ??

As it'd be better for you to backup your data from your main PC, and then just install the applications on the laptop ??

I would say use Ghost or Drive Image to make a snapshot of the HD on the main PC. This wouldn't work because of different hardware / drivers between both machines, and could cause more problems longterm !!

Go with the data backup, and install what applications are needed on the Laptop.

I hope this helps ??




it is very unlikely that you would be able to image between 2 different machines as the hardware is so different. When you started the laptop up with the image from the pc, it would be trying to find hardware that was not there and would be missing the drivers for the new hardware. I'm not saying that it is impossible, just very difficult and probably more trouble than it is worth.

If you were to try it, you would have to copy the image to a different partition on the laptop, boot off a ghost floppy (for example) and then restore the image stored on the 2nd partition into the primary partition. then cross fingers and reboot.

better to transfer the files you need and re-install the apps that you require.


[edit] which in fact adds little to that already stated in the previous post - sorry! ]
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