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Backup cd help;


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The nephew had a problem with his laptop.Advent 7105 his mate said he could sort it so he let him have a look.He reinstalled XP with I asume a dodgy disc.I asked for the backup cd and he don't have one so I have found a site Tech guys.He can purchase a backup cd for his laptop £35 + postage.Looks like he has lost his back up on the harddrive.Do I need to have the backup on the harddrive or will everything install from the backup disc.He don't want to fork out for a backup and it don't work.He has got XP on his laptop but is missing some drivers and his windows code is not working.


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Whoever installed the WinXP on the laptop overwrote/deleted the backup/restore partition. This partition basically allows you to restore the computer to its 'factory settings'.

£35 for a backup disc isn't bad, have known them to cost more than that, however I bet there is somebody on ebay selling one for less than that.

If you can't be ar*ed to buy a restore CD, then do a clean install of WinXP, head over to here download the drivers (as these are specific for the laptop) and install. You can find more details for this laptop here. BTW the Advent 7105 is a rebadged 'ECS 331' so this means that the same components are in your machine as this, thus allowing you to download drivers at their website, check the previous link for this info.

Hope this helps!


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As mentioned by the previous poster, £35 is pretty reasonable for the recovery CD, it will contain everything you need and the Windows key for the installation will be on the bottom of the laptop.

If you can find the right version of Windows you can use any CD and download the drivers from the Tech Guys website.

I had a Windows Home XP OEM SP1 install CD from another laptop and I managed to use that with the sticker on the bottom of a friends Advent to get it recovered.

If you don't use the right version, however, your code isn't going to work. It should say on the sticker what version you're entitled to.


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