Backup activation status?


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Hi, is there a way to backup the activation status of xp home?

I've read about backing up the wpa.dbl files but some say it doesn't work anymore :thumbsdow

I'm having a few problems with my PC at the moment so I want a clean install (again). I've done this so many times in the last 5 years, just a bit worried that MS will say you've had enough activations.


If you activate too much it's just a quick freephone call to microsoft to tell them what happened.

When this happens to me I call up and ask for 2nd line support, it just makes the whole call a lot easier and there's no problems with understanding letters as half of first line support don't seem to know the phonetic alphabet *slaps forehead* hardly handy when reading out a string of letters/numbers.

It will take yout 5-10 minutes tops and isn't really a hard process.

Does an image of your OS not keep your activation settings?


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Never mind. I had to call them and I got my activation code, no questions asked. I did have an image of my OS but I deleted, I've now created a new one so I won't need to go through this process again...fingers crossed.

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