backlighting a panel?

richard plumb

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OK, so I'm intrigued by the new philips LCD panels coming out which have built in ambient lighting, which lights the wall behind the panel - apparantly improving perceived contrast.

Now firstly, does this actually work?

Secondly, what could I use to do the same thing? There is some room behind the screen to play with, but not enough for a bulb. Maybe a small strip light?

Anyone done this, or any suggestions?

I don't currently have any wall lights on the wall the TV is on, so all lights are infront of it.

gmt steve

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I much prefer vwiwing in a darkened room, so I use a small 12" flourescent strip light I bought from B&Q for about £12. I then put some D65 lighting gel plastic inside the diffuser and black out the lower half of the diffuser so no light leaks downwards. This "bathes" the wall behind the panel in fairly neutral light. My panel is pedastal mounted though, so if wall mounted you would need to carefully check dimensions.

gmt steve

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Sorry, I'm up to date with AV, but unfortunately I don't have a digital camera. It's a very standard fitting though, check 'em out at B&Q. They have them in different lengths and in either white or silver finish. They are the type you can connect together in a chain and have a special lead supplied to do that if you wish. Mounting it has been a problem. Hot melt glue directly onto the metal back panel of the panel works quite well, but after extended viewing the casing gets quite hot. After a while (about once a month) it falls off. It's only a two minute job to put it back, so I live with it.

gmt steve

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Ahh, now that's a good question. The answer is........ I can't remember. I got it ages ago, back in the middle ages of Laserdisc. It was from a supplier of gels for theatrical lighting and is intended to simulate daylight. I'll have a look at the little I have left tonight, to see if there are any manufacturers markings anywere. I didn't have the benefit of the 'net back then so I'm sure sourcing would be much easier now.

gmt steve

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Sorry to take so long richard, I honestly forgot about the thread.
I have done some research and found details of where to get lighting gels.

Lee Filters
Central Way
Walworth Industrial Estate
Hampshire SP10 5AN

Tel: (+44) 1264 366245
Fax: (+44) 1264 355058

Check out the site;

The gel I use is 201, which when I check the site is not actually right since it corrects tungsten to daylight. I should be using one for flourescent light, but at least it's somewere in the right ballpark. I can't remember the cost, but it wasn't too dear.

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