Backing Up/Restoring E-mails?


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Apr 22, 2002
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How can I do this using Outlook? :confused:

I have a Lycos mail account, and using a utility available from Lycos, Outlook synchronizes itself with my webmail facility when I start up (useful for me as I access my email from all over the place but like to use Outlook when at home). Where possible, I like to keep most of my received emails; and owing to Lycos's 15MB limit, the way I do this is to copy emails I want to "archive" over to a separate folder in my Outlook directory (i.e. removing them totally from the Lycos server).

Now, assuming I want to do a fresh installation, all of these mails will be lost as they're saved to my HD. Copying them back to my Lycos Inbox and "re-synchronizing" later isn't an option as in total there's probably about 40MB of emails, so what can I do? I assume there must be a way of saving my directory's and restoring them later?

What do I save, and how do I restore it later on?!

Thanks in advance, apologies if this is a bit of a simpleton question!

Export your outlook file as a *.pst and this will back up your emails and contacts, then simply import them to your new machine.

Microsoft do a free outlook backup addin that allows you to automate this process on a daily/weekly process.

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