backing up my system

:hiya: :lease: i am wanting to back up my pc as a couple of friends have had a nasty virus that has wiped out there entire systems.

does anyone know what bits i need to back up?
tried backing up the whole system but it was going to take days.

any ideas?


Backing up is something that I've given a lot of thought to recently since I've taken the step of going digital for some of my photography. My strategy is as follows - though it may be more information than you need. My disc is split into a system partition and a data partition. My photos, and various other items of data, are regularly backed-up to an old 20GB HD installed into a Metal Gear Box (£30), to convert it into a USB2.0, external HD. This is not normally connected to the PC, so should not be affected by viruses or lightning strikes! I then use Acronis True Image (£35) to take a snapshot of my system partition every few months, or when I've done something particularly significant to the system, onto CDR - the 4.5GB used in my 20GB system partition currently writes onto 3 CDRs. This system means that I don't need to worry myself over backing-up photos to CDRs with questionable longevity and means that I can get a new drive and restore my system as it was prior to a virus attack or hardware failure with the minimum of effort.




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I take a bit of a mixed approach.

I have two hard drives & I left some unallocated space on each when they were formatted. When I installed Windows fresh (& all my programs) I backed up this clean install with "Drive Image" twice (saving a copy to the unallocated space on each hard drive as it is unlikely both will fail at the same time). These backed up images as they are on unallocated space are invisible to the system unless viewed through Drive Image.
Backing up the entire system OR re-installing takes about 15-20mins.

My first hard drive is split into two partitions , the first has just the OS & programs (which is backed up by drive image as explained earlier) & the 2nd partition is where I save all my work, e-mails etc to. This 2nd partition as it changes far more regularly is backed up daily to DVD-RAM discs , drag & drop as DVD-RAM is like a 4.7Gb hard drive. I keep at least 2 seperate copies for security.

My 2nd hard drive is just for video capture , editing etc & I retain all my video footage on DV tape even though I have authored DVDs of it all for general viewing.


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for a fast and full system backup there is no way around norton ghost. you can backup 40GB of files for just few minutes. give it a try.
best and fastest is to use ghost dos utility
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