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As our piece of cr*p PC is starting to go wrong, I'm getting slightly paranoid about all the music/photos/vids etc I have on iTunes. I see there is a 'backup to CD/DVD' function, but what is the best way of backing up all the data on there in case we need to get a new PC, or the one we've got goes kapput?

I've got an external hard drive, and all I want to do is stick a duplicate of all my data on there. Oh and all the albums I have in Itunes are ripped from my CD collection, none are downloads, so I'm hoping that will make things easier!

Hope someone can help! :smashin:


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Well unless you let iTunes organise your music for you, there is no need to involve iTunes at all. It is a simple case of dragging your root music folder to an external hard drive on windows explorer

Song information and album art should be saved to the tag of a file instead of merely being saved in the iTunes database. To confirm this all you have to do is play a file on anything else to check


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Ah OK, well I only use Itunes for organising, so may have to have a rethink. I was just wondering if there was any way of doing a simple back up straight to another drive.

I think I may have found out some info elsewhere now, so cheers anyway :smashin:


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As well as backing up your music files, there are four other files you need to back up to save having to re-import everything into a library on a new PC.

They should be in C:\Documents and Settings\[user name]\My Documents\My Music\iTunes, and the four filenames all start with 'iTunes Library...'

Simply back these up to your external hard drive together with your music files, videos, photos and whatever else is in your iTunes.

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