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I bought a Blu Ray player about six months ago and I am starting to get quite a large collection of Blu Ray films. I have a two year old boy who likes to put the Blu Ray discs in his mouth whenever he gets he chance. So I've got a couple that skip a bit.

I was thinking of investing in an eternal Blu Ray drive to back the films up so I could put the originals away out of reach.

What I want to know is can I fit a film onto a single layer blank Blu Ray in an uncompressed state as I have noticed that double layer blank Blu Rays are still quite expensive?

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I have moved this to streamers ... because I think you stand a better chance of response here.

It is an issue that streamers have to address.


I very much doubt that most BluRay discs could get put onto a single layer blank. I don't burn discs but IIRC a SL BD-R is 25Gb and most of my rips are 30Gb to 40Gb so they definately wont fit on a SL BD-R.
Rather than burn to a blank disc as a backup how about getting a media player and just streaming them? Depending on the features required a media player can be had from under £100 with no ongoing blank disk costs - and nothing for your son to eat when you forget to feed him :devil:


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I have sent you a private message but basically I've backed up what Mark has already suggested.

Storage (NAS or USB, 2-4Tb)
Media player (eg. Cheap £50-£100)

Rip main feature only using MakeMKV software.
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Thanks for moving the post. I was torn between the two forums an picked the wrong one :D

As for the media streamer, that is my ultimate goal to stream from an unraid NAS to something like a popcorn hour or a mede8er. The only reason that i am holding off is the price of hdd has shot through the roof and my son hasn't grasped the difference between putting on a DVD and using some other type of digital storage. For example I could have exactly the same program on my Sky+ box and on a DVD. But he won't watch the one on the Sky+ it has to be the DVD and he won't stop moaning til I change it. So hopefully I was going to give it another six months until he's grasped this and the price of hdd has stabilised. So in the meantime that was an idea I had.

Cheers for the replies


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i use dvdfab, and if you want just the movie and soundtracks at 100% quality, it goes to about 25-30 gig from 45gig


Single layer BD-R is 23.3GB and many films will fit but only has a film only backup. Films around 2 hours will be more. However, quality of cheap single layer discs are rubbish. Ones that are made by Ritek called Ridisc, stop working after 6 months. BD-RW single layer discs are much better.

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