Back up of PS4 stuff for PS5


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Going to get rid of my ps4 before i get the PS5, what if anything do i need to backup and how do i go about it?


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The main priority should be your game saves. These can be uploaded to the cloud if you have PS Plus or you can transfer them to a USB thumb drive.

As for your games, it doesn't really matter. You can just re-download or install any PS4 game discs on the PS5. I did try to use an External HDD to make the transition more seamless but it requires formatting on a PC first.


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I did wonder about whether it was worth investing in an external SSD drive to back stuff up rather than an external HDD?


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we dont know if games on external will work if moved from PS4 to PS5, it might force a reformat for game storage, so a usb stick for game saves only might be a better idea, this could be rubbish I dont know for sure.

But as there is no availible expansion for PS5 or news of it incoming at present, I would think having a external drive is a good idea if you want access to a quite few games at once


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I suppose if the library works in the same way as it does on ps4 it's not crucial other than for games saves as said above.


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I did just that yesterday as a friend wanted my PS4 Pro.

I formatted a 256GB USB drive to exFAT and used the Backup facility to copy my game saves & settings (not games themselves) before deactivating my account from it then factory wipe. Factory wipe was over 2hrs.

Just need to wait for my launch day PS5 now to test if it works :D

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Is the "primary" still thing these days ?
could be worth deactivating while your on ..

Yeah, but that's why you should do a full wipe as mentioned above.


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Wont the HDD your are using to store the games on require a format as soon as the PS5 detects it? Effectively making the whole process a waste?

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