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Jul 11, 2003
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I have just bought a Technics SL-BD22D record deck and was wondering how I go about connecting to a modern receiver. I note some recievers have 'phono' inputs. Are these suitable and am I unable to plug the deck into a standard stereo input?

As far as I understand it, some decks have a built in pre-amp and can work in normal inputs where others don't. Does mine? Also, what about the earth lead as I not aware of many receivers with earth clamps these days.

Help, I have 200 odd records that haven't been spun for years and I'm keen to hear them again.
If you have pre-amps in your receiver th instr manuel should say where you can plug in the turntable.

If a pre-amp stage is not available, I would suggest buy a pre-amp stage and plug your turntable into it, which will in turn plug into a spare socket on your amp. Prject do a reasonably priced pre-amp, I think its about £45ish, it all depends how much you want to pay really.

I would just tr and attach the earth lead onta a screw on the back of the reciever if poss, I would suggest checking if this is safe, as I've always plugged int a stereo integrated with a earth clamp.

Sorry can't help no more without knowing which receiver you have.
I think that denon does not have a phono stage, you will have to geta phone pre-amp. There will be others with more knowledge who will assits no doubt.

Enjoy the vinyl, I do like listening to my old collection.
sounds like you need a Nad PP2 or a Pro-ject phono box. either will do
The Pro-ject phono box has had rave reviews in the past in various magazines. I don't know what the nad is like, I stopped buying the magazines when i found this very useful forum. I suppose really either will be sufficent, but being a project owner I would be biast! excuse the spelling
I have the same record deck. I connected a small earth wire from the back of the deck to a small earth clamp on the back of the AV amp. as mentioned try connecting it to a screw on the back of the amp, if the case is metal then it will be earthed and the static should flow away.
I used a phono adaptor from richersounds that cost £20. It's not the last word in hifi but its certainly good enough for an AV amp. Its a good deck when care is taken to set it up.
HTH :smashin:
Yeah, not too fussed about audio quality as it's in my office through a 1602 and Eltax millenium speakers. I'll pick up a pre-amp off ebay when a cheap one comes up.

If you want a decent phono pre-amp from ebay hunt down the Creek OBH-8SE or the Rotel RQ970-BX. These come up fairly often and are both great MM phono stages for around the £60-70 S/H. Might be a little overkill for your turntable but if you ever deceide to upgrade............

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