Back to the future (reg 4)

Gary D

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Jan 9, 2002
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Has anyone got this title on region 4 from CD wow? is it any good (transfer, sound etc) i've just ordered it from them for 17.99!!!!!

Thanks everyone.

This was discussed extensively on these forums a few weeks ago. Just do a search for BTTF.

BTW I think the general feeling was that everyone was pretty impressed. I know I was:D
This title has been out a while, just type in BTTF in the search window and it will select all the past threads with various comments on the picture and sound. ;)
I loved it!

It's good to watch the original in all it's DVD glory rather than on a worn out 12-year-old video tape.:D

Just to say, looks like the R2 will have dts on the disc.

Originally posted by raigraphixs
Just to say, looks like the R2 will have dts on the disc.
.....and will probably cost more than twice the CDWOW price for the R4 item (which IS dual coded for R2).

An extensive review of the R4 trilogy is on
Is there no easter eggs on the reg 4 boxset ? Has anyone found any yet?
cheers Dave.

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