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Reviewed by Chris McEneany, 12th December 2009

One of the most sought-after film-scores of recent years finally makes its way onto a lavish silver platter that is suitably bedecked with ample added value. Alan Silvestri had made an impact with his score for Robert Zemeckis already with Romancing The Stone, but it would be Back To The Future that would catapult him to the forefront of movie-composers during the 80's and establish him as a resourceful, inventive and highly distinctive voice across most genres, but most notably and successfully with big, bold action spectaculars.
Intrada may have taken seven long years to wrestle a release for the complete version of this landmark score, but the wait has most definitely been worth it. As a companion-piece to Predator, this is remarkably accomplished and I'm surprised that more people don't comment on their overall similarity, the score for the Rastafarian head-hunter was clearly evolved from this highly-charged cavalcade. Unmistakably a Silvestri score, this is one of the pivotal works from the 80's and, as such, its influences cannot be ignored. The composer sort of went off on a tangent during the next decade, but his scores in the last few years had certainly hearkened back to his massively ambitious early Big Screen days with a similarly lush and dynamic, full-on wall of detailed writing that just cannot be beaten for innovation and energy. But it was this score that set all that in motion and helped him realise his true potential.

For all the work that has gone into producing this album and the sheer quality of it, as well as the score's massive, impossible to overstate value to film-music in general, Intrada's Back To The Future gets a totally warranted 10 out of 10.

An absolute bonafide modern classic of a score that deserves a place in the collection of any soundtrack-fan.

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Distinguished Member
Great review Chris (as usual)

I still have the vinyl of this soundtrack. Alas nothing to play it on!

Chris McEneany

Well-known Member
Great review Chris (as usual)

I still have the vinyl of this soundtrack. Alas nothing to play it on!

Hi Kieron,

Thanks for the comments.

Get hold of this one, mate! Seriously, you won't regret it. Silvestri's full score, plus his original version ... and you can still get the initial song-based soundtrack to complete the set.


Chris McEneany :devil:


Distinguished Member
I think I'll take you up on that Chris.

Must try and pick up a turntable next year - I have so many classics that I'd love to hear again.

In the interim I certainly will pick up this CD. Thanks again for the detailed review.

Phil Hinton

Staff member
Been waiting for this for years and ordered it from Intrada (who are showing out of stock but more due).

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