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im not sure it encourages the right behavior. Seem to have even more people doing meaninless tasks to get guns, instead of playing the objective.

Nice to see MCOMS / Flags & spots in there. everything else is a bit daft. especially noob tubes!


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I thought this too, but then I played a few games with the grenade launcher last night (had only had a very limited shot on it before) and found it added a new dimension to the assault class.

All of a sudden I had the tool to winkle snipers out of entrenched positions, blow holes in high walls and deny the enemy cover around the MCOM. On one defensive map, they were streaming down an alleyway in threes and fours, and I was able to completely deny them the alley and force an alternate route. Also, after 20 kills you unlock smoke, and you're not telling me that's not useful, no smoke grenades has been a gripe of mine but now I can't complain.

It almost feels like the game was trying to teach me something, like the first Assault unlock teaches non-teamplaying noobs what the paddles and medpacks are for!

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