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Hi,I thought I would just post a picture as I have just finnished attaching 4 blue cold cathodes to the back of my LCD TV and AV Rack. Ignor the messy cables and other stuff (I am decorating my lounge soon so I will tidy it up then). I have seen a few post posts about back lighting LCD TV's to improve the picture, but not seen many pictures, so here you go.

I must admit it has made Blacks look darker and has improved the overall picture, so it's not just a gimick!

What do you all think???


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This looks great! :thumbsup:

Care to post more details? Parts, construction etc.

I'm making a dedicated room with ptojector at the moment, but the next project will be lcd in the bedroom - the missus will like the light effect I'm sure :smashin:


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I have 4 cold cathode tubes running through 2 invertere (one per pair of tubes) and then wired into a 12v PSU. I bought them off of ebay, but you can prob get them from Noodleman on the "Home Automation & Lighting Power Buys".

I have 2 tube on the back of my LCD TV ( about 3" in from each side) attached with double sided sticky tabs.

I have another 2 attached to the back of the side legs on my AV Stand, again attached the same way.

If you want more details or have questions just ask!


Those cyron lights look great, I have to have some. Is that an american company as the prices are in dollers, are they good to order from, do they ship to UK without any problems.

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