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Discussion in 'Home Entertainment Computers' started by al2813, Sep 2, 2012.

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    I am currently running ATV2 with aTV flash as my living room media streamer. It has served me well. I stream movies from my NAS with XBMC, I access tv series on my iTunes library, and from time to time use YouTube and surf the web. Since several weeks this setup no longer works for me. Main reason is that I contracted a new web tv service (enables me and my family to watch tv back from home). While the service supports HTML5 streaming hence works well on the ATV, I am not able to access certain functions that require me to use a mouse to click radio buttons (am not able to do that with the tab browsing on the ATV). So reluctantly, I am looking for a replacement. I need:
    - a setup that will load as an appliance with simple menus (do not want to complicate the lives of my wife and children)
    - XBMC
    - full browser
    - control via a combo keyboard/ mouse ( the new remote control sized ones)

    I thought of starting from a linux based setup and a relatively cheap mini itx box. Than it is when things start to complicate. I see in the forums remarks about lower spec boxes that HD playback is stuttering, menus not smooth, etc. I am also worried about having to tweak stuff to death because things don't work out of the box. I don't want to spend a fortune (250 EUR max), and cannot understand why I need to spec up systems when my little ATV worked perfectly fine!

    Advice is welcome. Started looking also into Android STBs but also there scared of stuff not working correctly.

    Help :lease:

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