Back in the hobby..what to do with my ART Skibos

Discussion in 'AV Receivers & Amplifiers' started by jackpe, Jul 7, 2015.

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    A few years back I used to have a Sugden paired with my ART Skibo floorstanders. I then got out of the hobby, sold the Sugden and spent a period of time without a proper hi fi with Just a Marantz Pm44SE to drive the ARTs for some occasional music. I still have the Skibos and want to get a modern amp as my 44 is now dead. I like an open, warm, room filling sound and am not looking for incredible top line fidelity especailly as most of the music will go from my iphone but for something cheap that will drive the Skibos decently and will connect easily to the iphone. By my reasoning that leaves either a wireless /blutooth or DAC enabled amp. I have therefore looked at the following options:

    1. Use my Apple TV and Airplay in conjuction with the DAC enabled Marantz PM6005 and the Skibos. Not sure on how the 6005 will work with Skibos but if awful i could try to sell them and get more suitable speakers

    1a. Apple TV with other DAC Amps? if you have better suggestions at this prive range.. overall cost used or new must be around £300

    2. TEAC H750 with built in Airplay and see how it goes with the Skibos? this is availble as new for around £200.. but was originally priced at the £3-400 mark

    3. Always wanted to try a Valve amp but am put off as have read that at this price range (around £300 second hand) this is not a viable option.. plus I would need one that can connect to the Apple TV or with built in Airplay. Bluetooth i believe is pretty crap quality?

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