Back Garden Fence that's not antisocial - Door/Window in fence?


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This is something I will need to consider either this year or perhaps next.
For years now, there has been a hedge between my home and one of the neighbors.
And have always gotten on amazing with the various people who have lived next-door over the years.
Our driveways are just separated by a very low single bar fence? I made years ago, so we are often face to face, and it's almost a given that I'll be very friendly with whoever it is.
Anyway, to the back garden. The hedge has changed over the years, and had had big gaps, so could just walk thru to each others back garden, of course only when the other person is there, privacy respected at all time.
But this hedge is a pain, it's old, Too old. Rotten, full of ivy and needs to go.
I'll probably end up doing it all myself (why pay someone else! ;)

And I don't want a short fence, as then there is zero privacy for either party.
Most of the time, in the back garden we want privacy of course.
So it will be a tall fence. Probably 6 - 7 feet.

But this would feel to me to be unfriendly and shutting the neighbor out.
So I was thinking......... I could put something like a gate (even made from say a half width fence panel) in the fence, so, it could be opened to chat, or walk thru to help out with something, or even left open if needed.
Or some hole? cut which could be covered with a hinged panel?
The door seems more practical.

Not sure if this seems weird to most people about rear entry access with your neighbor.
Has anyone else come up against a similar dilemma, and any good ideas to work around it, either as I suggested or some other options?


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If your neighbours are happy with it then why not, you could have a lock on both sides to secure each others privacy.
Yes, that was a thought I had if it was the door type option.
Not sure if a lock would be needed, perhaps just a sliding bolt on either side.
But could be a lock, with both having a key.
Neighbours, being friends have always respected each others privacy.

It's odd, as on the other side, another property, and that;s always had a 6ft fence, and it's always been totally different, as it's very isolated due to this.
I help a few women out with their needs from time to time.
I like to be as friendly as possible with neighbors, thankfully so far always had good ones.


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Just to add, I'm trying to consider this as a 'handy option' but at the same time stay away from it being weird, and putting in a door to nextdoors garden and that could easy be seen as a bit weird.
So I think If I were to do this, I would try and make it as hidden as possible and not look like a door.
Make it look as much as possible as a standard fence panel. but could open is needed, as opposed to a door which gave the impression of privacy invasion.


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Who else is going to see it and what business is it of anyone else. You could be like an old boss of mine who has no fence between him and his neighbour.

If it bothers you, you could have two panels parallel to each other (skewed to the alignment of the fence line) with a 2' to 3' gap between allowing access to each garden
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No fence would work in reality or even just something low,
But I do like to keep the fox's out as they used to wee against fir tree's and damage them :(
Thanks for the suggestion. Just can be handy is we wanted to share a wheelbarrow or something.
I may with to do some naked sunbathing one day ;)


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What about a low fence or tall fence with open slats nearest to the house, say standard 6' panel length, then closed panels for the rest. If the open slats were at a 45° then there would still be some privacy.


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Nice idea.
As I say it's something for the near future, after other projects, but that sounds a good option :)


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Surely the person you should be asking this question to is your neighbour. They might love the hedge as it is and dislike the idea of any fence at all, door or no door.


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Surely the person you should be asking this question to is your neighbour. They might love the hedge as it is and dislike the idea of any fence at all, door or no door.
100% agree, this is of course the 1st thing to always do.
I'd never consider any sort of erection which the neighbors could see without making sure they are ok with it 1st.
When the homes were built there was the typical at the time? cheap 3ft wire fence with short concrete posts at either end of the whole fence and angle irons every 6ft ish.
In time some plants were planted along the fence, as people do.....

And they gradually took over. growing into semi tree/bush things, before in recent years rotting in places and getting full of ivy
Even though it's mine, she has a son who works for the council and has used his tools to trim it on her side and my side. I've done it also of course.

It's just messy. When fully trimmed back it's ok I guess, but it's had it's day.

A photo from 4 years ago when it was cut back heavily:
As you can see the wire fence has totally gone in this photo.

Here is a photo I took this morning from the same position:

Now, I will admit on the face of it, it looks quite nice in this shot.
The problem is, it's too old and if you try and trim it back nicely (it's too wide now actually) you get back to thick brown rotten wood bits.

With much ivy

A nice fence, would give us both more space, and avoid the utter mess of cutting it back.

She's ok about a fence.

If I could plonk into place a nice looking neat hedge that instantly was there I'd do that of course :)


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Pondering Wood vs Concrete.

Found this..... Any thoughts?


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