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Does anyone else find it annoying that hardly any of the old Xbox games with Live do not work over VGA due to programmers not including a 60hz mode!!??!! Psychonauts doesnt either and thats without live.

After going VGA since I got the HD-DVD drive and starting to watch DVD's via the 360, it's a real pain to keep switching to component for Xbox games and back to VGA for DVD's or 360 games.

Rant Over.



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Yup - I find it a pain too.

I only found out about this when I tried to play Halo2 on my 360 but the update doesn't work via VGA.


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Yeah, there's a few games I really want to play but can't because they don't work over VGA...:thumbsdow


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Doubt it, the games need a 60hz option to run and for those without it I cannot see any programming time going into it to fix them...:cool:

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