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Discussion in 'Plasma TVs Forum' started by Hawkis, Aug 26, 2004.

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    I'm always here when I want to buy something!! Must say a lot about you chaps. Anyway, latest must have is the 42" plasma. Looked around and prices are strange. Looked at Richer and they seem to have some bargains <£2000 for what seems to be very good kit. Mainstream net and high street are £1700+. What do I want to buy? Recommendations please! Would like IFC to pay for it but not essential. Happy to buy from the net if warranties are good. Looking around today I was told 3rd Gen was the latest thing. Now I see on here mention of 4th Gen. What's the score there then? Anyway, loads of advice (as usual) please, and as always it's greatly appreciated. Other considerations are stand/wall mount costs/ease of fitting and installation. Connections - I have Sky+, Panny E60 DVDR, PS2 has got to go in there somewhere too. Some of these plasmas seem a bit light on scarts. RGB, etc. Audio output would be useful to HIFI but Panny does that job at the mo. Finally, I'm considering a shuttle to go with it. Any objections? Would mainly be used for storage of photos, video, etc. Would be on home wireless network. Any problems connecting said shuttle to plasma screen for use as a computer 'monitor'? Cheers!

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