Back 2 the Future..DTS??

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Dec 30, 2002
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I've just got the back to the future trilogy region 2,4 ?? PAL.

Anyway, on the box it says it's in DTS and DD, yet I can't find DTS in the menu. Anyone else have this or am I missing something obvious here??

Cheers F.S.
Can confirm this also, just stuck Back to the Future 2 in my DVD Player and you can select DTS from the Languages Menu.

Also, make sure you have got the correctly framed versions of Back to the Future 2 and 3 and not the incorrectly framed versions.
Thanks for the quick replies. Yep, found it.:blush:

BTW, how do I know if they are correctly framed??
You can tell by looking at the Discs.

Back to the Future 2 should have something like "903 027 9B / R1"

Back to the Future 3 should have something like "903 027 9C / R2"

I think R1 means Revision 1 and R2 means Revision 2 as there have been 2 releases of BTTF3.
Thats whats on mine.......


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