Babylon 5 DVD - Is it uncut?


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Just a couple of quick questions regarding the Region 2 "Babylon 5: Season 1 DVD" boxed set.

1) Is the series being released uncut, this time around, in the UK? (Previously Warners edited out minor language and violence, to keep as many of the episodes on UK home video, down at a PG rating.) The BBFC website lists the new episodes being uncut, but bizarrely, they list them in pairs of episodes under one episodes' name, rather than as single episodes with separate titles.

2) Is the US release to be released uncut?

3) I've read that the releases are Matted Widescreen - that is: 4:3 prints, with black bars slapped across the top and bottom, rather than true 1.85:1 anamorphic widescreen prints. Is this true? If so will the US release be the same, or in true 1.85:1 widescreen?

4) Any other difference between the US and UK releases, bar NTSC/PAL format; cover artwork, et al.

Anyhelp would be most appreciated. Thanks.



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I'm wondering whether my german version would be cut if the UK one was/is.

A fine series whatever though.


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i get the impression that the DVDs WILL be anamorphic throughout, however...

the 'live action' sequences were filmed in 16:9 widescreen anyway as i understand and cropped for TV so that is fine.

the CGI sequences were only rendered in 4:3 and i heard that all the computer data has been 'mislaid' so they couldn't go back and re-render, so these will have the top and bottom removed to give a 16:9 picture which will also be anamorphically encoded.

not sure where the cut-off between live action/CGI shots is but probably any shots with real people in were filmed in 16:9 originally and anything with purely CGI was rendered 4:3...

so in answer, the whole series should be 16:9 anamorphic widescreen throughout but the purely CGI shots will be missing some action top and bottom which is a pity but should be ok.

at least that is what i heard from somewhere or other...

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