BA IEM for metal music?


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So I am looking to buy a quality set of IEM's which I plan to hook up to the Cowon X7 I am expecting for Christmas.

- all my music is in FLAC format
- I am looking to spend around the £100 mark
- I listen to a LOT of metal music from machine head, heaven shall burn etc but I also listen to a lot of delicate music from bands like Sigur Ros, Mum, Apparat (hard to put these into a single genre) oh and I am partial to some classical stuff...

I have been really close to getting some balanced armature IEMS like the UE700's, Brainwavz B2's and the Phonak PFE 112's.

I really am keen on having a pair of IEM' which can handle the technical detail and fast pace of the music I listen to but im reading more and more that these BA IEMS really arent suitable for providing adequate bass for Metal music (part of me thinks im being overly cautious).

Anyone have any suggestions for alternatives?
anyone listen to metal using BA iems?


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hmmm, but unsure about buying headphones off ebay, last pair i bought were fake, so as you can imagine spending £100 for a possible fake is not something im gunna be eager to do.


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TF10's are a good sonic bet in terms of what you get for the closeout-level prices they always seem to be at - *IF* they fit you (there's a good reason for that pricing). The design of the shell is pretty crap IMO and it only truly fits people with bat ears and giant lugholes - and in a BA, fit is critical, especially for bass.

Phonaks are a good bet, but honestly for the relatively entry-level price I'd be looking into a pair of decent dynamics if you want optimum musical involvement. If you want optimum isolation I'd be looking at Etys and forego the musical involvement (or true accuracy... but I've been there and pitchforked by the faudiophile mob, so I won't go there).


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You could try dipping your toe in the cheap water first and get a pair of Klipsch S4 from I have just got mine and the top end is very clean. SEAL may be a tad tricky but I got there eventually.

Just a thought:hiya:


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Whatever you do decide to get, let us know if they sound good...

I may buy the Brainwavs you mention next year as they're a decent price for a dual armature IEM.



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well im tempted to take a punt on the triplefi 10's from the bay if I can get them at a reasonable price, if I suspect a fake I can return them.

gunna look into a few more dynamics before i make my choice but I will report back


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The cheaper triplefi 10's from eBay are usually from US sellers, delivery will be around $20. But more importantly you may be charged customs charges and often the admin charge for that is 'extortionate'.
I've been stung once, a wrist watch. Was a £40 watch had to pay an extra £14 approximately, that was 17.5% VAT (before VAT was upped to 20%) + admin charge. Just bare it in mind, better than getting a nasty surprise from the likes of UPS 2 weeks later asking for the additional payment.

I think the Phonaks are great though, not for those who like lots of bass quantity though. Haven't listens to any metal on them, only had them a month. But they do handle microphonics really well, which I guess would come in handy for metal. Sound clarity is very good, sound isolation isn't the best (haven't tried with complys yet, just silicon/rubber ear tips).


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HA yeah, I just bought a pair of triplefi 10's off amazon today, £89 (with a £20 gift voucher) should be here tomorrow, will get some listening time under my belt to see if they perform well with my kind of music then let you know.

at £89 I think ive found a VERY nice bargain

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