B5 Season One - PreOrder Prices


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this is sensational
amazon.de sometimes put wrong prices for sets, and who's fast enough and lucky to order before they figure it out is lucky!
just like me in this case (was able to cancel play.com)
thanks serpico


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Originally posted by Plump
this is sensational

This has been up in the 'Special Offers' forum for a few days now. It is a forum worth checking regularly ;) :)


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Lex, if I'd only had time to check it all (best forum I know). . .
But the life does'nt let me . . .



Nasty German writing over the case? NO WAY!, A real B5 fan will pay the extra and have it all in English - But if ya can read German, then forget everything I've just typed :)

PS - Why O why is there only audio commentary on 2 episodes? - I expect this is the same of all reagons, right?


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The price is now 30 Euros. 20 Quid dudes!


I got two emails from amazon.de today
-Release postponed until the end of October (31.10.)
-Price dropped even further down to 26€ (However, I think this might be mistake since it stated 29,99 on the site)

Something not to miss anyway!


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I just got an email from Amazon.de
It is 29,99 Euro, due on 31.10.2002
Can't wait!!!


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Originally posted by Mark Pitchford
How the hell do you order from amazon.de if you can't understand German?

The layout is the same on all the amazon web pages. So its not that hard, the only thing is the german emails.


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The same way you order with Amazon.co.uk - their systems are the same, only one is in German. The ordering format is the same - they now mention the fact that they have to charge VAT on all orders but that's it

I don't speak any German and I ordered without any problems


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I also understand (almost) nothing in german but you simply open two windows (co.uk and de) and since layout is the same you can always hit the correct button.

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