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B320HDPVR / T7650 Hard drive error


Novice Member
I have a Bush B320HDPVR which has worked well for a while, 18 months or so, but now any HDD tasks fail and initialisation also fails.

Is this a terminal issue with the internal HDD?

Can the HDD be swapped for a standard SATA HDD? Will it need to be a specific model/size?

Thanks for your help...


Active Member
This is difficult to answer as it is not necessarily the HDD, but could be an issue with the mainboard. I've seen this message with mine, assumed it was the HDD, only to find that it still happened when I swapped the HDD out. Ideally, you need a spare box or HDD to test what happens after swapping components. This box will work with definitely also 500Gb and 1Tb sizes, and they are usually SATA AV drives - most boxes have 3.5" drives, but some of the later models may have 2.5".

Did this issue creep up with occasional failures (e.g. noticed the box was on when it shouldn't have been, requiring the power to be switched off/on to get it working), or was it working one day and stopped completely overnight? Mine was the former, before completely failing after several months of occasional recoverable failures. I got it working again by reflashing the firmware (last resort), but it still occasionally fails to boot up (HDD works fine in a different box).


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Thanks for the reply...

The problem just appeared, or so they tell me, I don't watch much TV and the kids said it had just started happening and was happening all the time, however...

Now the box seems to be happy again and the recording library and functions are back so I have told them to watch their recordings...

I have tried to flash the bios but as it has the latest version the web interface did not want to do an update, do I need to use the USB process to force the re-flash?

I do not believe we have had no boot, just that the recording side of the box did not work.


Active Member
The regular software update process simply updates the application front end, but I have a file which completely reflashes the kernel, etc, which is done via USB, but is more risky as this process could brick the box interrupted (power failure, hardware fault, etc). My box ended up refusing to see the HDD no matter how many times I pulled the plug - the reflash got it going again somehow, but the root problem is still there as it still occasionally fails to see the HDD. I wouldn't advise performing this procedure on your box for now. For some unknown reason the SATA interface malfunctions, causing the HDD to not be seen.

Of course, it could really be a faulty HDD, but that can only be confirmed by swapping it out with another HDD to test. Only if you have a spare HDD is this worthwhile, otherwise it is more cost effective to by a new box. You can find latest model B320DTR or B500DTR Argos customer returns from £30 on ebay (there were a large amount of returns because the software was broken on these units until recently), which is not much more than a new HDD would cost.

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