B1W Blueskysea 1080p Wi-Fi Budget dashcam review

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The camera arrived in a tidy but plain brown box - and contained the following:

The dashcam, 1 adhesive 3M mount (with 2 spare sticky pads), a power cable for your cigarette lighter socket, a micro USB cable, a small cleaning cloth and the manual. There is no memory card supplied. The dashcam is bullet shaped and a stealth model, measuring just 90mm x29mm x 38mm in size.



It's a nice simple looking dashcam, which I like the style of. The camera itself can be rotated through 360° so you can see what the kids have been up to if you want when they create havoc in the back! The lens is 150° wide angle lens, which some may find advantageous or might find too extreme. It does however give a full wide view of the road and for me, the corners of my car! It fixes directly to your windscreen via the built in mount.



The manual tell us that the camera has the Novatek GM8135S chipset, a 150° 6G Lens with two resolutions of 1920x1080p @ 30fps and also 1280x720p @ 30fps, for video at H.264 / MP4 .

The camera has a built in microphone, which is proficient (though I always leave the mic off) and on the end is a (lock) button to protect files, which also switches the wi-fi on or off with a long press. The power light glows red when the unit is powered up, and this goes green when recording begins. There is a nicely toned voice notification for recording, and this confirms also that a memory card is in place. Nice little touch. The voice notification is only in English though.


On the opposite end from the lock button you will find the socket for the power cable, and the slot for the micro SD card (maximum capacity is 64GB). These two are very close together which for me means unplugging the power lead to remove the card should I want to take the card to my PC.


Once in place in the car, the dashcam sits nicely at the top of the windscreen - it's small profile keeping it less obvious than larger dashcams.


The camera features a G-Sensor and a Parking mode (which requires a hardwire kit). Video can be recorded in 1, 3, and 5 minute lengths, and features loop recording if your memory card gets full.

Working temp purports to be from -20° to +70°.

You have the option to show the date and time (on by default) and the audio is set to ON by default, and the refresh rate has 2 option of 50 or 60 HZ.

I think the APP is very good - and it is through this that you apply all your choices.


In the above image you can see three bars which take you into the list of menu options to set up time and date (it's great for that, because a single press syncs the dashcam to the correct time in date instantly). Here too you can change the resolution, video length, mic on or off (you can mute the mic on the view screen on your phone within the main screen of the app) and change the refresh rate, change the wifi password and more - including formatting your memory card. It all works very well and very quickly.


It's a really nice app!

On to the video now, and given that the dashcam is aimed at the budget market, I think it does a decent job. One thing I did notice is that the video produce is rather on the blue side - noticeable especially at night. When you are close to vehicles ahead of you, the view is clear and nicely sharp, but the clarity falls off as vehicles are further away. This is expected. The camera has no HDR function of course, and this means that bright lights especially at night do fail to hold detail. Then unit is relatively inexpensive and this is reflected in the overall video quality - which if anything, may be too over-sharpened - which leads to some artefacts (look at road surfaces when stationary). License plates are blurred at even slow speeds but there is plenty of detail when stationary or moving very slowly, again, this is what I would expect to be the case.

Here are some video files (on YouTube, so some compression is going to be applied by the hosts).

First up are filmed in daylight :

Nice splash through the puddle in this...

This is clip which include the aftermath of a car's collision with a traffic light at the end. Driver had minor injuries, nothing serious but there are extensive delays from temporary lights while the main lights are repaired...

Finally, footage filmed at night - the first as it rained hard which impacted the video:

This one is on a journey to the shops (getting supplies of pain killers - i.e. 4 cans of beer for when I watch Everton (unless we win then it's 4 cans of celebratory ale!) for after this review is posted!).

My opinion then is that you get an reasonably decent dashcam that will be suitable to introduce to to the dashcam world, particularly if you want a stealth model to keep it low profile. It's not in the same league as my other 2 dashcams, though they cost more than double, and 5 times the retail price of the B1W. I would score this camera at 7/10.

I really like the APP, which is simple and intuitive and makes integration of what you want the dashcam to do very straightforward. The app is available for Android < on Google Play and for IOS.

The dashcam can be bought from Amazon UK on the bold link to the left.

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