B&W601s fronts with VM1s at the rear.. Good combination??????


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I'm looking to go surround sound. At the front i will use my B&W 601s and get a centre speaker to match, however the problem is the rears due to space. My sofa will be against the wall. At first i was hoping to use the B&W VM1s. will this be a good match or should i consider something else.



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For surround duties the VM1 would work OK. They do not tonally match the 601s very well but you wouldn't notice it to much if using them as surrounds. I ran with this setup for a long time and was pleased with it. My VM1s are no my speakers for my PC.....


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The VM1's should be OK for 5.1 but in a 6/7.1 configuration may not work so well all round in your particular situation.
Because the VM1's are monopoles 1 or 2 for rears with your sofa against the back wall wouldn't be ideal.

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VM1's or LM1's for the rear? The CC6 is a beauty and should be quite a good tonal match with your 601's.

I'm using the old B&W Solid HCM1's as the centre channel & rear surrounds with my 601's and they are quite a good match. I believe the current leisure monitor is fairly similar to the HCM1.

The paper dome tweeter of the HCM1 is better for dialog in my opinion - warm & natural - no problem with the letter "S" (don't you find the metal dome tweeter of the 601 a tad bit harsh?).

There are a set of 5 VM1's and a pair of LM1's on the bay at the moment. If you haven't spotted them already, I suggest you take a look.


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Corh5 I hear there is a LCR60 for sale in the classifieds, would be ideal match for your 601's :thumbsup:

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