Hi! Just bought the 600 S3 series, incl 603, 601 and 600 (Cent).....
Do you guys think that a Yamma 1400 will match my speakers well?
What i mean is, some people say the 1400 to be bright in the sound, and the B&W:s is a a bit also...(according to me)
I do think that it would be enough power in the 1400, but what about the sound???

I usually buy the reciever first, but this set of B&W:s i came over was to good to let go....


The best way ios to demo yourself, to lead you in the right direction do a search on the forums for your speakers and see waht others are using . this will give you an idea of what you should be using with your speakers.
congratulations on your purchaseb by the way.


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Just bought those! :D Myself and my mate thought it sounder better than the Pioneer AX3i in all the combinations we tried. But as said above you need to demo.


Thats the same setup I am looking at now but only the Yamaha1400 if I import it from Germany as its a little out my price range otherwise I think I'll be looking at the Yamaha 740, Denon 2803 or Marantz 7400

I demo'd the B&Ws with a Yamaha 740 and thought the sound was very involving. As good if not better than the KEF egg setup. Then the B&Ws with music blew my socks off.

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