B&W VM1's


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Can anyone tell me about these great looking speakers? cant seem to find any reviews on them. Heres what they look like anyway........CLICKY

Thinking of partnering them with a Pioneer 656a and mid/high end Pioneer amp, just wanna know what they're like musically as well as surround.



Heard these speakers when I was buying my PJ, put it like this, if it was a choice between these and a lifestyle system like the KEF eggs then these win hands down. They are far more musical than any of the lifestyle systems I have heard, dont appear to go very loud though, so if you listen at intense volumes I would put a question mark over them (could be, that the salesman did'nt want to up the volume). I think you can mount them on the wall, without the stands.


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That was a lot of help, thanx guys. Now just need to start saving up those pennies!


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Just seen the VM1/AS1 Sub/Satellite package for £850. Can anyone tell me if this includes any stands in it? they cost £150 on their own!!!

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