B&W VM1 + SUB , Experiences and What SUB ?


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Hi, on my search of speakers for my living room I had to give ip on B&W 600 series, because of size.

Of all the options that I have the most apealing is the VM1. I've almost decided on them, looking at the forum seems that ppl is very happy with it's performance.

Now, I will want to hear comments of that particular kit, and the most important to me is to know what sub is more suited to this kit.

People seems to use ASW675 wich to me is a little bit to much sub, for those speakers, but I may be wrong.

So, Any comments on those speakers, and what is the best sub to go along with them ?

BTW Usage is 90% Movies, 10% Music (Pop, Rock)



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I went for a REL Quake - very happy with it. In my room (about 18 x 13 ft), it's more than enough for me...

I looked at the sub that B&W match with the VM1, (AS1 ?), and didn't like the sound.

Pioneer DVD-444, Pioneer 912, 5x VM1, Quake

Ian J

The B&W ASW675 will match the VM speakers well and will provide much deeper and accurate bass than the cheaper B&W subs


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I've got the Rel q150emk11 and the difference it's made was staggering, mind you my previous sub was pants.Or the MJ offerings which are very simillar to the Rels but cheaper are meant to be good, but i could'nt audition one!


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Well, I have to say that I've ditched the VM1 ... sib's blue out the VM's .. and I've to say that went to the shop wanting the VM'S , but after some hours of themo, thw difference was clear.


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