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Discussion in 'Subwoofers' started by klee, Dec 18, 2002.

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    I believe I'm the only one to have fully reviewed the VM1 home theater speakers from B&W. For the benefit of all interested in designer-cued but musically performing surround speakers in the price bracket of £800 - £1000, please have a look at the attached review.

    Links in AVForum that have discussed this speaker set:

    JUL02 Thread started by Scrapbook, finished by KLee with VM1 Review and VM1 photos
    DEC02 Thread started by sberkett wanting reviews
    JAN03 Thread started by Pcookie. What Hi Fi Feb 2003 issue finally reviewed the VM1 one year after they were released in UK. And one year after I first reviewed them in the attached doc coined around Jan 2002 - in amongst almost the same group of competing packages as well! ... and is it me or are some of the wordings uncannily similar! .. the use of the word 'bang' for instance? I said 'bang for the buck' and they said 'bang for the money'!
    JAN03 Thread started by FunkyMonkey asking for pricier sub to partner VM1

    Three dealers that I visited in NW London pre VM1, weren't too aware of the speakers until I mentioned it to them. And when it arrived and my auditions began, I can report that all 3 sold VM1s like hot cakes. Why? Because all they had in their demo rooms were the usual suspects .. KEF KHT2005, Ruark Vita ... The sales and customers' reactions speak for themselves. Perhaps reviews haven't been compiled in mags because its selling so well! (none avail for the reviewers??) Also perhaps they are not mainstream as they are part of B&W's Leisure Monitor series.

    Lifestyle designer oriented from a respectable house, my review, good words from others ... have a listen and I believe you'll find its something special in that price band.

    For an outstanding setup get the best sub you can afford as these avforum pages will attest to.

    Enjoy! (and let us know)

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    Klee - thanks for such a detailed review.

    Absolutely excellent:D

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