B&W VM1/AS1 with Denon avr1804


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Feb 9, 2004
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I recently purchased denon avr1804 and mission fs1... missions are going for refund soon, and I am looking to get B&W VM1/AS1
or with different sub if they let me purchase it for a similar price.

I was just wondering whether the reciever is good enough for these speakers, or will the speakers quality be limited by the reciever????

Also does the above price seem reasonable? Would it be better to go for cheaper speakers, that will have no/little difference in sound quality with that reciever. Or shall I return my reciever too and get the denon avr 2804?

Or am I totally clueless for even suggesting that VM1s will go with 1804?

Many thanks in advance.

Have you demoed the B&W's?
I'm in the process of buying a system (not that I'm an expert by any means) I was going to go with them but am going with monitor audio radius
This will be linked to the Denon AVR3803 and Denon 2200. I listened to both and they cost the same price. The only thing is I'm ditching the sub for REL quake to give it some sound. Wicked:eek: :devil: total cost of speakers £1000 and best bit the missus likes them YES
but they are nice speakers

Have fun waking the neighbours
kidha singh,

The B&W are a good set of speakers, but you should get a demo of them before you purchase. I thought they were a little bright sounding but it all comes down to personal preference........

have you demoed or considered anything else....

Kef 2005.2 are mean't to be good
Infinity Oreus.

all cheaper then the B&W.

Yes I think you should definity upgrade the amp, the 1804 is a budget amp. You could upgrade to a better denon 2803 will be alot better. Also have you considered the harman karmon range AVR507 sounds amazing.

Also if your on a tight budget for an amp then Yamaha are the ones to go for....

if your talking the stuff back for an exchange then I guess your limited to choice. If you can get a refund then decide what you want. And post on the forum to ask people about the best price.
Kidha depsi

thanks for the replies

I will try to demo b&w with 1804 and 2803 and see (or rather hear) if the difference is worth the extra £200 for the reciever. I wouldn't really like to spend too much more on this system. These speakers are already stretching the budget too much.

Don't like the kefs, but ill take a look at the oreus ones.

Cheers for the tips

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