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Discussion in 'Home Cinema Speakers' started by CrystalClear, Jul 5, 2004.

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    I have a pair of the B&W 604 S3s and am considering switching them out before I continue on with my audio system. What I'm using now is some budget(Sound King) 10 guage speaker wire. It is pre-braided. I'm using a Pionner Receiver VSX-D812 and a CDP-375 or something, Sony CD Player. This really isn't important as I'm not hearing what the speakers are capable of doing right now anyways and all of the pres and amps will be replaced.

    I'll go rotel source decks, processors and amplifiers(Rotel 1080 all around here). I'll probably use Kimber Kable or Monster M series speaker wire. I'll more than likely use Audio Quest interconnects.

    I'm considering switching to the 700 series. I'll use 704s(45LB, single woofer model) for the front L/R and rear R/L, and I'll use the 700 series center.

    The 604s sound great as is, and I like the way they look, however, they are heavy at 64LBs. Also, B&W had a grill issue with the 600 series. The rubber inserts in the peg holes have fallen apart so the grills do not go on super firmly.

    I like my music considerably loud, but this really isn't an issue as 4 704s and the 700 series center in combination with a good subwoofer in my max projected 14x12 foot size room...this will be plenty good.

    I also like the way the 700 series looks. I'll be going with the maple finish found here - http://www.bwspeakers.com/images/SpeakerModel/images/704/704_large_maple.jpg

    Do you see more advantages over this switch than disadvantages? I listen to a wide variety of music, and while my DVD collection would be considered small at 56 DVDs, it's constantly growing.

    Also, what subwoofer would you choose with my chosen 700 series setup? A fellow high-end friend says Velodyne's CHT-15. I will say that I want a musical bass sound, but I also want it to have some serious tooth-rattling power.
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    CHT stands for Classic Home Theater which gives you some idea of it's intended market. The obvious subwoofer partner for your intended speakers is something from the B&W range and I would suggest maybe the ASW750

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