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Discussion in 'Home Cinema Speakers' started by pragmatic, Jan 9, 2005.

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    My p5's have a slight problem, the tweeker on one of the speakers only comes on when the volume gets really high, but once it comes on i can turn it down and it stays on.
    I haven't had a chance to check the cabling yet so it could just be that it's not correctly conencted, i've got them biwired and one set controls the tweeters only.

    Also i needed to get them repaired as the tweeters didn't work when i bought them (second hand) from sevenoaks, when the replaced them the guy who did it said he had difficulty conencting it up to the internal wireing. So maybe i just need to solder the wire into place, but i haven't had a look yet to see what it looks like inside.

    Otherwise i've heard that the p5 tweeters can go abit funny, but as they are new units i would doubt its the tweeters themselves, and the otherone is fine.

    I was plaing arround with my new 2500 and i put pure direct on while listening to music and i must say the difference is astonishing and i thought it was just a gimic :laugh:

    Although my friend put some 'dance' music on and it was better served by dts neo than pure direct, as it just sounded better. I must say its the first time i've listened to dance music and been able to tolerate it, must be the fact that there were other frequencies than 'ear bleeding bass' for a change.
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    Sounds like a lose wire,check your cables also.I dont think the P series tweeters go funny,they are bright sounding though.Should always sound better direct I would have thought.

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