B&W or Monitor Audio?


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I'm looking for a good 5.1 system to match up with my sony 5200es AV
I've narrowed my choice down to 2...
The B&W MT-30 and the Monitor Audio Radius RSW-12.
With the Radius system i'm looking at using the R225's instead of the R90's, so to improve the musical side of the system as well as the HC side.
anybody out there got any thoughts on which set up will impress the most??:lease:


Cannot comment on the B&W mate , but i have the Monitor Audio RS6 , RSLCR , RSW12 & RSFX.
Whilst they are very bright , they can vibrate a whole house @ over -30db.
The sub is a monster.
Great speaker for HQ movies IMO.


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I would have thought the monitor audios would be better as MA stuff is generally brighter sounding which is good for films in my opinion


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having listened to both last week
i can tell you that the b&w is a major disappointment.
if your reasons for purchase is home cinema then the radius is a fine product for the money


The B&W's are getting a little long in the tooth now, and need updating. They were pretty good in their day, but most of the competition has surpasses them now. As for the sub, it was a case of design over substance.

The Monitor Audios on the other hand are of a more traditional design, and because of that they'll never date. And their sub is pretty damn good too. The MA Radius and the Quad Lites are probably the only two packages around the £1,000 mark that actually come with a sub that does the satellites justice. And both of those are traditional box designs. What does that tell you? :)


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well i'm pleased with your comments guys! just what i wanted to hear..:thumbsup:
i always thought the MA'S were a much better looking speaker but its your comments on the performance that has made my mind up for me!!:D
big thx to all


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just to throw a wobble in to the mix........consider the MA Radius speakers definitely, fantastic stuff if you need it relatively compact....but assuming you get models that can hit down to around 100hz, if you can find the cash opt out of the MA sub and grab a SVS PB12+ if its purely movie fun you want......the MA sub cant get close to the sheer pressure levels of the PB12+.......however musically there isnt likely to be any real difference in quality....so if music is a key point then you might as well stick to the slightly cheaper MA sub :)

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