B&W MTs (thoughts on the sub)



Seen you can get the MT speakers for about £150 each or £625 for the set of five. Has anyone gone with these and foregone the sub that comes with the MT 20 system in favour of a different sub. The PV1 that comes with the MT30 is out of my price range but would look to spend about £500 (give or take) on a good quality sub but am unsure about the benefits of moving away from a full B&W system.



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If you want to stick with a B&W system, then the 675 sub is small and very powerful, for it's size. This will fit in with the nature of a sub/sat system more than a monster sized unit. There are other alternatives, though: the XLS200 costs a fair bit less but isn't nearly as good as the 675 and there is the new SW12 from SVS, but I haven't heard that one.

What you will need is a sub that goes up to 100Hz or so without loosing it, rather than sticking with B&W. What I found is that some subs, like the Monolith, didn't like their cutoff being set above a certain frequency, in order to match a satelite's bass response (in my room, at least) making a demo very imoportant in this regard.



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Seen you can get the MT speakers for about £150 each or £625 for the set of five.

The B&W M1 Satellites are £125 each, there is no saving to be had buying them as a package. The does not however detract from their excellent value and performance.

As Russraff has pointed out, the B&W ASW675 is a great subwoofer and would work well with the M1s. If you don't require huge amounts of volume then the REL Quake and Stampede offer almost unrivalled connection and configuration flexbility and would blend in seamlessly with the B&Ws.

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I have the M1s and went with a diff sub, same as you already the PV1 nice as it may be is very expensive. I wasnt sure about the MT20 sub so decide on rel quake.

I find it be plenty good enough and am very pleased


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