B & W MT-30 or XT-2?


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I'm in a dilemma. I am buying new speakers to replace old surrounds, and I am stuck.

B & W MT-30 set


B & W PV-1 with 4 x XT-2 + (XTC centre)

Price not as important as it's ability to do the business with MOVIES first and foremost...

FORGOT TO SAY - they'll be partnered with Onkyo TX-SR608 for a few weeks until I swap for Yamaha RX-V1067
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Tartan Man

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Does it have to be the mt-30's or the PV-1???. For the money you are thinking of spending there are a lot of other sub/sat speakers you should also consider.

If your open to other suggestions I'd look at The Monitor Audio Radius HD range which get great reviews and are very well regarded on these forums.

As for the sub, have a look at the BK subwoofer range which also get rave reviews,great performance to price ratio and are half the price of the PV-1. Have a look in the subwoofer section of the forums on how the BK subs compare to the PV-1.
Hope this helps.

Tartan Man


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Hi Tartan,

Yes, you are of course right. But I heard a PV-1 recently, and it ticked all the boxes (you can't test them all!) as far as the lump in the corner is concerned.

I work away, and need it all delivering before I return on the 15th Dec. So that's why I'm going to insist on the sub I know I liked, and try to find out if the difference in price between the MT-30's and the XT-2's is even vaguely worth considering. (Movies only need be considered. I read that the XT-2's were perhaps a little timid for all out action?).

If I was in the UK, believe me I'd be doing much more practical investigative work!


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