B&W M1 vs Dali Zensor 1?


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Hi guys,

I have a decision to make between a set of 5x Bower & Wilkins M1 (MK1) on tall stands with a Velodyne EQ MAX 8 sub OR a set of 4x Dali Zensor 1, 1x Dali Vokal (centre) with Dali E-9F sub. What is the general opinion on best option?

The receiver is a Denon x2300w (standard 5.1 arrangement) and usage is predominantly for movie watching.

The Dali set is a bit more expensive than the B&W - but I wanted to find out if there would be a marked difference and if it will be telling enough.



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The B&W M1s are small lifestyle satellite speakers where as the Dalis are more traditional bookshelf speakers. Larger vented cabinets with performance edge. Especially the Zensor Vokal center channel should be noticeable step up for movies in mind cause that channel is one of the most active one in your system. I have heard those Dalis, not the B&Ws so don´t know how different they sound. Both subs are quite limited what they can do but you get started. With the Dalis i would buy 60cm tall stands at least for the front mains. For surround channels (rears) perhaps taller 80-100cm ones or wall mount them as typically they should be 1-2 feet higher from seated ear height. (5.1)

My money would be on Dalis, quite bright sound but enjoyable speakers in few ways. It seems AVF reviewed the package you are buying:



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Thanks @Gasp3621 appreciate the opinion. I had the same thoughts about the comparison and reading the link was also very helpful. I’m going to try out my current B&W set with my newly purchased Denon x2300w to see what it feels like and then I’ll be able to make a direct comparison with the Dali.

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