B&W M1/VM1/LM1's ??


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Dec 13, 2000
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I currently have a B&W setup consisting of

DM603's (Fronts)
DM600's (Rears)
LCR600 (Centre)
(All S3's)
Mission M5AS (Sub)

But, due to wanting a projector in the front room for Cinema use, the fronts especially will be in the way, as juggling the furniture around to accomodate the PJ Screen means the 603's are in the way...

so I was thinking of replacing the entire set with either the M1's (The satellite's in the acclaimed MT10/20/30 speaker packages), VM1's, or LM1's..

But I am totally confused as to which is better..

My brother has the VM1's, which aren't too bad, but the reviews of the MT10/20/30 packages indicate the M1's are better??

And what about the LM1's? these are cheaper then the VM1's, so are they worse???

any help would be greatly received, I have about £900 - £1K budget assuming I can get £500-600 for my existing speakers (Mint condition in sorrento)..

I want to keep the sub, simply as I am happy with it, and as it is a 'piece' of furniture, getting perfect placement has been easy as I can just leave it almost anywhere in the room, and it doesn't look out of place..

If there are other satellites I can get for the money which are better, I'm open minded at this stage..
Ive just bought a set of VM1s there in the post should get them tomoro hopefully I would like to follow this thread

How long have you been listing tothe BW's and are you experiencing any problems.Would you recomend them,I just listened to the 603s3 and they sound good.
I aml ooking for front speakers to go with my Rotel RSX-1056. Any advice would be helpfull. Thanks

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