B&W M1 as surround backs


I currently have some B&W 600 S1 speakers (603/CC6/DS6), the fronts (603) are passively bi-amped by my Pioneer LX70. I'm thinking of going to 'single-amping' the fronts, to free up the surround back channels and getting a pair of M1's to go 7.1.
A couple of questions: is there much to lose by not bi-amping? Is there much to gain moving from 5.1 to 7.1? Also, are the M1's any good? I'll probably go down the eBay route, so are the M1 S2 much different to the M1 S1?


Perhaps the question should be is there anything to gain by passive bi-amping, especially is you have to forfeit rear surrounds. More to gain from installing those rears if you have the room. The M1, or perhaps KEF 3005 Eggs would fullfill the roll very well indeed.

I suspect you'll not notice a difference by single amping.


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There was quite noticeable difference with the mk1 and mk2 as you can see on the frequency response alone. One member (dealer) who used to write here said something that the mk2 is closer to bookshelf level vs. mk1 is more of thinner sounding satellite. So yeah mk2 would be my pick if you can find it. It has the front mask all the way up as the mk1 does go up but not all the way. Also check the Audio-T / SSAV if they have demo pairs of new M1.

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