B&W M1 - 5 x Satellites + BK Monolith Sub



Trying to keep the costs down and wondered what the forum members thought of pairing these models?:thumbsup:

I have read good reports about both, so I was just looking to see if they would work well together for cinema and music.


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as i'm sure you are aware the Monolith is a direct purchase from manufacturer so not a lot of chance to demo...

however satellites there are plenty of choices to demo.......i would recommend it if you plan on using them for music as well, nothing worse than a speaker you dont like the sound of when it comes to music.....heh

i havnt heard the MT's properly, only a stereo pair running on the shop floor, they didnt sound too bad tbh, but i'd definitely recommend you consider other makes against them so you know you got what you wanted, Quad L-ites, Monitor Audio Radius to name two that a lot of people enjoy using.........assuming you do demo them, get the shop to hook them up to a powerful sub thats on a par with the Monolith, from most accounts you'll be needing them to hook up REL's or Velodynes around the £1,500+ range.....the shop will probably wonder why you want to hook cheapish sats up to a sub of that price, dont tell them, they'll only get the hump...heh......oh, just thought, also consider M&K second hand, you might get 5.0 set.....oh and the forum powerbuy SVS SBS pack also worth a consideration according to folks on here who have bought them....

anyhow, enjoy...lol

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Some way back in the deep depths of the Monolith DF thread, someone was really happy with the results he was getting using some of the tiny Anthony Gallo speakers crossed over at 120Hz so, on that basis the larger B&Ws wouldn't seem to be a problem.



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Hello SeaUrchin.

I’m also working on a budget and this weekend I’ll be connecting the s/h B&Ws up to an AVR 2106 with a s/h BK Gemini (small, I know but a budget is a budget).

This is my first foray into ‘real’ kit and I’ll keep you posted.


Thanks for the replys guys:smashin:

Just thought I would bump the thread up to ask if anone has had any direct experience using the 5 M1 satellites with a Monolith or similar sub?




Please let me know how you get on.

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