B&W Interactive Owner's Guide CD-ROM


Wasn't aware you could buy it - I'm waiting on mine to turn up in the post, you get it free when you register your speakers. PM me in a week or so once I've got it and I'll let you know exactly what it is and if its any good or not...


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I think mine is lying arround somewhere. I don't remember it being anything special.


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It has 9 tracks...

First 3 are music:-

1) Jibsy Trio - Legende
2) Blackwater - Medley: I buried my wife and I danced on her grave / The Leitrim Thrush / Paddy's Tailor
3) Jean-Paul Schiffmann plays the organ of the church of St Martin in Baumes les Dames

The remaining 6 tracks are audio noise signals to test speaker polarity. A THX DVD will do the same thing

My advice - save your money!


Thanx. It was being sold on Ebay. I just bought the Digital Video Essentials from Amazon which will do a better job calibrating my speakers.


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I bought an lcr60 at at start of december and sent reg card off start of Jan.

Got mine in post last week.

It's also worth mentioning that in addition to the audio it has a good chunk of pc content to go through etc and gives you access to registered parts of the b&w website where u can add new b&w products you buy


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I have 2 of these CD ROMS - how much was the one on Ebay going for?


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i can't believe, people are trying to buy them on ebay!

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