B&w ds7, yes or no? :confused:


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Dec 12, 2002
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I currently have b&w cdm9nt fronts with matching centre. My current surrounds are kef q55.2s, left over from my last set up.

I have purchased a hk8500, will be going the 7.1 route eventually, I'll use the kefs for rear duties in the 7.1 setup, unless of course someone can persuade me otherwise.

Currently I am consiering purchasing B&w Ds7's for the surround duties, do these look good. I knwo I should demo, but it is really hard to demo equipment that matches your own setup.

If anyone can recomend anything better than thhe ds7's for my setup, I would like to hear from them.

By the way this has to be done asap, as I have speaker cable traillng along the floor for the 55.2s, speaker cable for new surrounds is already in place in the wall.

Than you in advance for all your help.
ive been looking into this recently.... tough question as it depends on your environment.

If you have the space and are able to use some full range bookshelfs.. like the B&W 705's for example, i think this is the better solution. If however you want a bipole speaker - then the DS7s are a good choice. Also i think the DS7 are only available in black or white... not the wood finishes.

From my own audition i can tell you that they are great for movies, but not the best musically -so again it really depends what you are looking for.
It's usually best to have speakers of the same make/model so as sound passes around the rear sound stage it has the same voicing. I would suggest another pair of kefs maybe Q2ds's would be a suitable match:)
Right I have decided on the ds7's for the time being. Got a shock at the price i thought it was £450 for a pair! Oh no nothing is that simple they are £900 a pair.

Will wait a tad then buy them, i will use the kefs for the rear duties in the 7.1 set up.

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