B&W DM600 S3 and CC6 S2


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Need some more advice from you guys...

I have recently purchased a B&W CC6 S2 centre from a friend (cheap), now considering adding some fronts - B&W DM600 S3

Does anyone have this setup?
Will the CC6 match the L/R front DM600 in tone or have I wasted my money (again!)?

Will probably purchase a LCR60 in the next 12 months if the sound from the CC6 is totally out of sync with the DM600 S3's.

I have Mission M5ds for the rears and M7ds for rear centres
Not decided on my sub yet

Any advice from you guys?


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The CC6 was the centre speaker from the 600 Series 2 range, tonally S2 and S3 are very similar Kevlar mid's, aluminium tweeter etc. It should be a good match for your suggested fronts :thumbsup: . I think you will find you have not wasted your money. I would suggest you listen to the 602's also over the 601's if you can afford the difference you may find they are a better speaker, the 603 is a great speaker although the S2 was better IMO, but it needs good amplification to get the best out of it or else the bass can be a bit slow, the plus point is you will not need a sub straight away:D.

If you listen to a lot of music I would *not* suggest buying a cheap sub, B&W ASW675 has a lot of good reviews and is on my list as my next upgrade but it is not cheap, the BK XLS200 has also been reviewed well on the forums if the B&W is out of your range, if you give your listening preference and a price band a thread on the sub forum will throw up more suggestions


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At last someone replies.

I'm totally new to B&W speaker experience, so you are saying that these are better speakers
http://www.superfi.co.uk/index.cfm/page/moreinfo.cfm/Product_ID/955 ?

I will only use the speakers for homecinema, which set would you purchase from the below (im confused)




I have seen lots of bad reviews for the CC6 S2 centre, they all seem to suggest that the speaker is too old and will not match in tone with the L/R fronts....any truth in this?

Can anyone say anything positive about the CC6 S2 centre?

Not really decided on which sub yet, can you recommend a reasonable priced sub which will match the above speakers?

Thanks Guys


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I did not know they did a 600, only aware or 601 > 605, I can only assume the 600 is smaller that the 601 again. I would get out and have a listen see what you think is best for the money, WRT the CC6 yes it is probably tonally a little different to the LCR600 but that difference in reality is gong to be quite small, IMO the CC6 is still a good speaker. Take it in with you when you go for a demo of the 600's and see for your self whether you think it is worth spending the extra £150 or so, I think I know the answer.

You need to tell us what your budget is for a sub.


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Make sure you listen to the 602 against the 600, I know it is a lot more but you may think it is worth it, I would also try and listen to a LCR60 while you are there with your CC6 but I guess you will not notice much difference and would be better off spending the money on front's/sub or decent stands.

Not familiar with the sub and as much as I like B&W (can you tell:D ) if it is just for movies you can probably do better for that sort of money, I would put a thread on the sub forum and ask for alternatives.


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Originally posted by armxz02

I have seen lots of bad reviews for the CC6 S2 centre, they all seem to suggest that the speaker is too old and will not match in tone with the L/R fronts....any truth in this?

Can anyone say anything positive about the CC6 S2 centre?

I own a CC6 S2, and have been very happy with it for many years.


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When Audio-T demo'd the VM1's for me, they used a B&W ASW300 in the setup and I wasn't impressed.
However, it may not have been properly setup and I was also a ASW675 owner at the time.


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Yeah had the demo recently, was really impressed with the B&W DM603 S3 speakers (they look really nice).

The sales guy wired my CC6 S2 with the above speakers, they sounded amazing with LOTR FOTR!

I underestimated the bass these speakers can generate!

Also purchased the Vibe Alpha 2 sub from ebay, sounds nice and not too boomy.

Just my opinion


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My 603 S2's go below 35Hz in my front room have not found it necessary (yet) to get a sub, Did not think you would find anything wrong with the CC6.;)

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