B&W DM5 fault - No Bass


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Just rescued my 1980 B&W DM5 speaker out of the loft where they have been for several years. One is working fine but the other has absolutely no bass at all. Cone looks OK. Could this be a cross over problem? Anyone??:lease:


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Does it have 2 sets of posts at the back? If so are the metal jumper bars still there and are they tight?

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Could be: only way to be sure is to pop the woofer out and test it. You should be ok wiring it directly to the speaker leads but keep the volume down.


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Easy way to test the driver is to touch the + & - to a 9V battery briefly. You should hear a crackle and see the cone move.

A common fault is oxidisation on the crimp terminals (If used) to the speaker, so it could be just this. It could also be where the tinsel wire joins onto the coil, as this is another failure point if the speakers get too hot and cold in a loft environment. If the latter is the case, they are very hard to fix.

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