B&W DB4S Vs. Rel T9i With 705's?


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Recently obtained a pair of B&W 705 S2's. Really loving them, prefer them to my old 603's by some margin.

Playing them with a Naim Uniti Atom.

I've been running a Rel T9i for some time, been a great sub.

However, I came across a piece on the B&W DB4S sub, suggesting it is a great pair for the 700 series speakers?

Being a real novice on these things, is the B&W sub a considerable upgrade? I'm music only, never used for anything else.

I'm also interested, if it's a good move, how it would attach to the Atom. For the Rel I use (a copy of) their Bassline Blue cable. I've no clue how the B&W sub would connect!

Love to know any thoughts/opinions/suggestions on this.


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For music only I don't see any reason to buy the DB4S.
I asked about a year ago a hifi company which to buy the DB4S or the REL T9i.
They advised the REL T9i as the better sub, but I don't know if that was because of beeing the better sub or giving them a better margin :)

With subs no need to have the same brand as the speakers.
A plus for the DB4S is the app where you have some room eq possibilities.

I don't know how good bass you have right now, but in most rooms a second sub smooths bass response throughout a room and reduces localization.
If your happy with your bass right now I would not change, but if you want change I would prefer buying a second T9i over buying the DB4S.

I owned quite some subs; JL Audio F112/D108/D110, SVS SB13/SB2000, Velodyne DD12, REL T9x, Rythmik E15/F12 etc. and Rel and Rythmik were the easiest to integrate.

You now use a high level connection but you also can use a low level RCA connection to connect a sub.
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I’m currently using both a 4S and a 3S in my setup, mostly for movies but the Hans Zimmer Live in Prague blu is regularly used as demo material and the bass is sublime IMHO.

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