B&W DB1 or Paradigm Sub 15


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Im looking to upgrade to either one of these subwoofers. Im currently using a Rel Storm and a SVS SB12. A dealer has loaned me the DB1 to test and im truly impressed with its capability and control. The problem is i have no real point of reference other than my current set up. It gets even worse with the Sub 15 as i cannot test it at home so would be buying blind.

The DB1 has not a single review on the net, the Sub 15 everyone raves about, hence having me in two minds.

What complicates the situation more is all my other speakers are B&W, using the 802D's with an HTM1D.

The when one factors price into it, the Sub 15 is cheaper and would be better value for money.

Any ideas or suggestions in terms of either product or other aspects would be most invaluable in maybe shedding some light on a tough decision.

So which one would you buy if you had my decions to make?


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I too have b&w 800 series speakers and have gone for 2 DB1s. I think the DB1 is subtle and realistic, gives quality bass rather than truck loads of bass. The way bass should be tuneful involving rather than one tone.

I've never heard the sub 15, I'm gathering as this is not a balanced design you will be feeling bass from floor cabinet etc rather than direct in the 'air' bass which the DB1 gives. Depends really on what your after, the 800 series are sort of balanced detailed speakers and the DB1 compliments.

Hope this helps.
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