B&W CWM Cinema 7 Speaker Review


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Has anyone got or tried a B&W CWM Cinema 7 Speaker? I cant seem to find reviews.
I am looking at it for a centre speaker in a relatively small room 4m x 6m (distance from screen to viewing position is 3.5m). I would like to use B&W and plan to upgrade to a complete B&W system but it could be anything to start apart from the front centre needs to be recessed or mounted in the wall. Any ideas would be fantastic.


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I would love to hear any feedback on these speakers as well. My room has almost the same dimensions 3.6m X 6m. I can't seem to find anywhere local to me to audition them.


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In general in wall/ceil speakers have few reviews. Reviews don't have a way of easily mounting the speakers for test.

Further if the speakers don't have sealed backs then the wall construction and cavity affect the results.

I know Bose do some speakers with sealed back, maybe some other do too. I think mount and cavity are major considerations with in wall speakers.


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Thanks. It seems M&K do a few in-wall models with sealed backs. I think the B&Ws mentioned above need to have back boxes purchased separately.

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